Morgan Meaker is an award-winning journalist, specialising in global affairs, digital politics and human rights. Her writing has been published by outlets, including the BBC, the Financial Times, Wired, the Guardian, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Politico, One Zero and The Atlantic.


In 2019, she won technology journalist of the year at the Words By Women Awards. In 2018, she was selected as one of Forbes '30 under 30' working in the European media. MHP Communications also listed her as one of their '30 to watch' in their 2018 Young Journalist Awards.   

She writes about current affairs across Europe, especially in Germany but also in France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Austria and the western Balkans. In the MENA region, she covers politics and digital politics. 

Working across platforms, she has filmed UK elections for Sky News, carried out investigative research for the Danish broadcasting company DR1, worked as a fact-checker at the Financial Times, recorded podcasts for the BBC and talked about her articles on live radio. 

Writing Selection

China is trolling and hacking Uighur exiles across the world

Once, Uighurs forced to flee China would at least get some respite. Not anymore

How Neo-Nazis are Outsmarting A.I. (and Human) Hate Speech Detectors

Researchers have recently discovered that anyone can trick hate speech detectors with simple changes to their language

The Moroccan women fighting daily sexual harassment

For Ghizlane Ahblain, the word "whore" is a constant refrain in the soundtrack of her home city, Marrakesh. A stomach-punch of a word, it's hurled from the pink-tinged doorways and from the rickety motorbikes whose engines gasp for breath on the city's choked main roads.

Without help, families face lonely search for Europe's missing refugee children

After losing its way in the dark waters of the Aegean between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos, the small wooden boat carrying Ghulam Haidar, his young family and nearly 50 other passengers was hit by strong winds and waves.

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